Upcoming Events Information

For your convenience, our new phone number is 888-573-7778.

Our general meeting is every second Thursday of the month. Our next meeting will be at the Polk County Republican Party headquarters. We start at exactly 7:00 PM and end at exactly 8:00 PM. Hope to see you there.


Polk Co. Republican meeting 10-8-15
(7pm to 8pm)

1) Pray and Pledge

2) Party business:

A) Secretary’s minutes (Dismiss the reading of same.) Minutes placed in       office for review.)

B) Treasurer‘s report

C)  Next fund raiser?

D)  Special signs- Richard

E) Primary Election change- David

F) Candidates for Commissioner?

G)  Commissioner’s Report. (Local)

H)  Cheryl’s report (Republican Ladies Club)

I)  Other

Adjourn (8pm)


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Physical address:

Polk County Republican Party
33 S. Peak Street
Columbus, NC 28722

Mailing address:

Polk County Republican Party
PO Box 448
Columbus, NC 28722