Helping to return Polk County North Carolina to constitutional conservatism.

Local Republican Officials

Chairman – Deon Dunn

Second Vice Chair – Fred Clas

Treasurer – Richard Day

Secretary – Jim Troppmann

Get in Touch With Us By Mail: Polk County Republican Party, PO Box 448, Columbus, NC 28722

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Welcome to the Polk County Republican Party website

It is time for Republicans to rise up! The campaigns for the crucial 2014 election have already begun and we must jump into high gear if we are to be effective in the next election.

We need to replace Democrats with Republicans and replace RINO Republicans who have lost their way with conservative Republicans. The Republicans that we will back will acknowledge that we are a Judeo-Christian nation; that we stand up for our Constitution; that we respect the laws of our nation; and that we need to stop the egregious, out-of-control spending.

We had a stunning local victory in the 2012 election. The Republicans have taken control of the Polk County Board of Commissioners, the North Carolina House, Senate, and Governor's office.

The Democrats have taken aim at the North Carolina congress and they are targeting and attacking our elected officials at all levels, in the ways promulgated by Saul Alinsky's book "Rules for Radicals"..

We ask you to join us in the effort to combat those attacks and to continue to make strides in electing Conservative Republicans.

Our Mission:

The mission of the Polk County GOP is to help elect politicians committed to the principles upon which this Republic was founded.

We pursue this mission by: Educating voters about current issues and the United States Constitution and the timeless conservative principles of limited government, strong family values and personal responsibility.

Supporting candidates who adhere to the Constitution as worded and originally intended by the writers of this sacred document.

Engaging in fundraising activities to maintain the GOP Headquarters and to build a campaign fund to be used during elections.

Your Polk County Republican Party is standing at the ready, but we need your help. As you know, it all takes funding.


Client Testimonials

We need a strong Republican presence in Polk County. Congratulations on your attempt to communicate with fellow Republicans and conservatives in our county.
Roger Wagner

Keep up the good work