Upcoming Events Information

For your convenience, our new phone number is 888-573-7778.

Our general meeting is every second Thursday of the month. Our next meeting will be at the Polk County Republican Party headquarters. We start at exactly 7:00 PM and end at exactly 8:00 PM. Hope to see you there.

1.) Pray and Pledge

2) Party Business

A.) Secretary’s minutes (Dismiss the reading of same.) Minutes placed in office

B. Treasurer’s Report

3) . Tom Pack Chairman of the Polk County Board of Commissioners Water agreement review and discussion.

Invite your friends and neighbors to come and hear the truth about the Water Agreement.

At 8:15 we will begin a work session on the duties of Precinct Chairpersons.

Doris Holbert (Party Secretary), David Moore (Chairman, Election Board) and

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Physical address: Mailing address:
33 S. Peak Street PO Box 448
Columbus, NC 28722 Columbus, NC 28722