NC Attorney General, Cooper, Needs To Go

NC needs to get rid of Roy Cooper.  When citizens of this state (including me personally) contacted his office to request that he join other states in fighting Obamacare – his staff actually laughed.

He is a Liberal Democrat and needs to go – – – -remember his name and do all you can to make sure he is out of a job As soon as he comes up for reelection.  He ran UN-opposed in 2012, so we need to be ready come 2016 !!!

Hopefully a “good” Conservative will run against him this time around.

Link to the full article

Concealed Carry Certification Class to be held August 24, 2013

It is important to:

  • Educate yourself,

  • Arm yourself,

  • Defend yourself.

Here is your opportunity to get the training you need so that you can feel assured that in the event of a catastrophic event, you would be able to defend yourself.  You can legally carry concealed if you have the proper certification, and license.

The license needs to be renewed ever five years.  All you would need to do is reapply and pay the fee to the Sheriff’s department.

Don’t do what I did:  Five years went by so fast, I let mine expire.  I had to take the class all over again in addition to paying the fee.

We are teaching a class that will prepare you for this certification.

Here are the particulars:

Time: The class starts at 8:00 AM and goes to 5:00 PM
Date: August 24th 2013
Cost: $85 per person
What to bring: Bring your handgun, hearing protection, and 50 rounds of ammunition.
Targets: We will provide the targets
Instructor: Toby Jenkins an officer with the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission
Location: Polk County Republican Headquarters building on 33 S. Peak Street in downtown Columbus, NC.

The NAACP has stopped advancing colored people and started advancing colored progressives.

USA Today opinion piece is written by a black leader.  He left his lifetime membership in  the NAACP when he started speaking out.  He was ostracized and punished for what he said.

The end of my lifetime membership of the NAACP began the minute I dared to speak out. I was ostracized and punished for declaring that my rights come from God, not the government and that I believed the NAACP stood for the “advancement of colored people,” not the “advancement of colored progressives.”

The full article is here.

Another Look At The Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman Tragedy

I know that you have been swamped with information, news, talk shows and pundits raking over every detail of this tragedy.

Take a look at this well made video that helps you to see it from the more accurate perspective…real journalism.

This video plays on the Chicks On The Right website. The video is created by PJTV.

A must see.

Last Chance To Defund ObamaCare

If you care about our LAST CHANCE to defund Obamacare then I need you to stop what you are doing immediately and call (202) 224-3121.

I’m sorry to be so blunt but this issue is that critical and it is that urgent.

The Senate is gearing up to vote for a continuing resolution that would keep the government funded beyond September 30th – including funding for Obamacare.

Senator Mike Lee (UT) has taken bold and commendable action by writing a letter stating that unless the continuing resolution DEFUNDS Obamacare, he won’t vote for it.

And 14 of his Senate colleagues have also shown remarkable strength and conviction by adding their names to Lee’s letter.

Jeffrey Chiesa (NJ),John Cornyn (TX),Ted Cruz (TX),Mike Enzi (WY),Deb Fischer (NE),Chuck Grassley (IA), Jim Inhofe (OK),Mark Kirk (IL),Mike Lee (UT),Rand Paul (KY),James Risch (ID),Marco Rubio (FL), John Thune (SD),David Vitter (LA),Roger Wicker (MS).

But now Club for Growth has learned that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (KY) is actually pressuring these Senators to REMOVE their names from Lee’s letter!

Not only is it absolutely critical that each and every Senator who has already signed the letter stay strong and not bow to pressure from Senate leadership. But it is equally as important that more Senators show the same strength of conviction by adding their name – and fast.

We have a chance – our last chance – to defund Obamacare before it begins being fully implemented. But it requires immediate action from YOU.

If your Senator is one of the 15 already on the Lee letter then I need you to pick up your phone immediately and call them to commend them for their bravery and urge them not to bend in the face of pressure being placed upon them by Senate leadership.

If your Senator has not yet added his/her name to the letter then I need you to pick up the phone immediately and call them to urge them to add their name to the letter TODAY – and that includes Mitch McConnell.

Patrick McHenry Opens Office In Columbus NC

Here is a copy of a letter we received from McHenry’s office. Patrick McHenry is the North Carolina Congressman representing the 10th district.

It is my pleasure to welcome Roger Kumpf, Regional Field Director for Patrick McHenry, to Polk County. Roger will be conducting official business in Patrick McHenry’s new district office this Friday from 2-5pm in Columbus at the Womack Building.

Please stop in if you want to talk about legislation or if you just want to say hello.

Open Letter to the New York Times

Chairman Claude Pope submitted an open letter to the New York Times July 12th, 2013.    With sharp satire, he discusses how the Old Gray Lady (NYT) pushes for raising taxes and appears to be for diversity and tolerance.

“You’re one of the world’s most ardent advocates of diversity and tolerance. Except the ideological kind, of course. Remember 1956? That’s the last time you endorsed a Republican presidential candidate.
That’s right: Carter, Dukakis, Mondale – all met your elite editorial standards. So it’s understandable you felt the need to traipse into this General Assembly’s business, with no mention of the Democrat disaster that preceded it.”

The open letter


Flat Screen TV Raffle Completed

At the July 4th celebration in Columbus, NC, the Polk County Republican Party sold raffle tickets to attendees.  Because of the intermittent rain, the attendance level was lower than usual.

Almost all the vendors toughed it out until at about noon, it began raining again.  We all pulled up the stakes and took the tents down.

One of the people who bought tickets was visiting from Florida.  Roy, last name withheld, took home the 40″ LCD TV just before it started raining again.  He was extremely happy.

Although the Polk County Republican Party didn’t make any money, we broke about even – plus, we made someone very happy.