Federal College Scorecards Will Make Advanced Education More Expensive

There are several reasons why the government should keep its hands off higher education.

  • Do you want the government determining what’s best?
  • Existing colleges will lobby for their particular mix of abilities – ensuring that they will continue to get preferential treatment.
  • If the college or university is considered efficient and in line with what the government believes is proper education, the students would be given even greater help in the form of lower interest loans, etc. Again, do we want the government having this much influence on what is taught?
  • We already have scorecards for universities: There are a number of rating agencies that fulfill this function.

The most important reason, for Obama keeping his hands off is that when colleges/universities get receive subsidies, they can raise their prices. They pass the gravy on to the professors, build more buildings, and when they have run out of places to spend their money, they raise the tuition fees. Why, because the students have help from the loans so they can now “afford” the ridiculous tuition fees. College costs have risen more than 250 percent over the last 31 years. These costs have risen faster than the increases in health care costs.

Any time the government meddles with the pricing, costs to the consumers become distorted. Let free enterprise work. Stop giving low-priced loans to students. Watch how fast the colleges lower their prices.

What happens when Welfare Pays Better than Work?

Michael Tanner (Cato Institute) and Charles Hughes released a study that shows that Welfare currently pays better than working does in 33 states.

The federal government funds 126 separate programs targeted towards low-income people. Seventy two (72) of the 126 programs provide either cash or in-kind benefits to individuals. State and local governments operate additional welfare programs.

The study found that the wage-equivalent value of benefits for a mother and two children ranged from a high of $60,590 in Hawaii to a low of $11,150 in Idaho. In 33 states and the District of Columbia, welfare pays MORE than a $8-an-hour job. In 12 states and DC, the welfare package is more generous than a $15-an-hour job.

Keep in mind that wages are taxed – – welfare benefits are not.

Liberals will come back with the stupid comment that Minimum wage should be increased.

Study after study show that the higher the minimum wage, the more incentive businesses have to get rid of employees and use hardware and software alternatives; not to mention raising prices to cover fixed operating costs.

Liberals will apparently never get it.

If you would like to see the report, click on the link below.

North Carolina’s total Welfare Benefits Package is equal to $28,142 in After Tax Income.  This equates to an Hourly wage equivalent ($0) of $12.38 per hours.

Keep in mind that the $28,142 in After tax income compares to the Pre-Tax equivalent wage in North Carolina of $25,760

You tell me, Where’s the incentive?


Where is the Outrage?

Mark my words, the Lame Stream Media and the Flying Monkey’s on the Left will turn this into (or try to) an issue about Gun Control. They will never utter the fact that three black youths (because they were bored!) killed a white young man –


Will this get the media coverage that the George Zimmerman / Trayvon Martin incident did?       Don’t bet on it.



Dems Are Finally Getting The Picture

Democrats are a little slow on things – Bless their hearts.

Death Panels built into ObamaCare are finally getting the Dems interested in quashing that portion of ACA.

Congress has tried to eliminate the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), but they never received the support necessary to succeed.

The shift was signaled by a recent op-ed in the Wall Street Journal by former Democratic National Committee Chair Howard Dean, who stated that IPAB “will fail” as he called it “essentially a rationing body,” a.k.a. ‘death panel’(well butter my butt and call me Sarah Palin) that will especially hurt seniors on Medicare.

IPAB further empowers the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to impose ‘quality’ and ‘efficiency’ measures to keep a lid on private healthcare spending as well. This means procedures approved by a physician and fully paid for out of a patient’s own pocket could be denied.

The gruesome realization that the IPAB is actually a death panel, is finally hitting home with the American public. Perhaps it is time for both political parties to re examine this and get it removed from ObamaCare.

She Had Never Fired A Gun Before Taking the Concealed Carry Class

This story is taken from the Daily Courier.  Alyssa Mulliger talks about her fears being conquered by excellent training.  Toby Jenkins and Mitchell Kirkland will be teaching the class at our Polk County Republican Headquarters, August 24th.  It still isn’t too late.  The cost is $85.  Call 828-894-2520

A rookie on the range

Aug. 15, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

I have never fired a gun.

That is, I had not until recently. I credit this mostly to the fact that my gun knowledge is very limited.

When I was little, the only guns I was around were the ones kids filled with water and squirted menacingly at their enemies.

Even when I grew older, my knowledge only extended to Nerf guns which fired foam “bullets” when you pulled the trigger.

And I never messed with BB guns because every time I saw one my thoughts were filled with the familiar chant, “You’ll shoot your eye out.”

Nor do I come from a big hunting or gun collecting family. My older brother is a hunter, but I never saw his guns. Which in retrospect was a great thing that the guns were stored so safely and securely from my curious little hands.

Throughout the years I have made friends with individuals who enjoy hunting, who work in law enforcement or who are part of a military branch. And they all use guns.

I was therefore introduced to guns, yet never shot one. I will also give some credit to television, which at a young age often intimidated me by frequently equating guns with violence.

As I matured I became more concerned about gun knowledge and safety. Guns intimidate me because many people think they know how to use them properly and safely — but tragically they do not.

A few months ago, I found myself in the challenging position of covering a story on concealed carry handgun classes. I figured as long as I did not need to fire a gun, I would be fine.

During my reporting I met Mitchell Kirkland and Toby Jenkins, law enforcement officers who are also certified firearms instructors. They have taught their Will 2 Conceal class for more than 15 years, a concealed carry handgun and firearms safety training class, which North Carolina requires in order for individuals to obtain a concealed carry permit.

Mitch and Toby explain to students the aspects of the North Carolina concealed carry handgun law and teach the fundamentals of safety and basic marksmanship. When they inquired if I would like to actually participate in the class, I sheepishly admitted to never having fired a gun.

To my surprise, expressions of shock did not cross Mitch or Toby’s face, nor did I hear any sounds of laughter. Instead, they were excited at the opportunity to teach me about firearms.

And so from that moment on they were determined to expand my knowledge of guns — from pertinent safety measures to necessary state laws to proper handling techniques — with the ultimate goal of getting me out on the shooting range.


During the class Mitch and Toby spent several required hours going over handgun instruction, which helped to ease my nerves. I also was able to relax when Toby said their biggest concern during the class is safety. They do not allow any ammunition in class and if they see anyone mishandling a gun, they ask them to leave.

By the end of the instructional period, I learned how to demonstrate proficiency in safe handling of a handgun to include loading, unloading, storing and securing, what the major parts of a revolver or semiautomatic pistol include and the provisions under North Carolina Common and Statutory Law in which the use of deadly physical force would be justifiable.

Mitch stressed that he and Toby were not training anyone to kill, but rather to protect themselves, their family or a third party.

If their class had a mantra it would be, “You don’t shoot to kill, you shoot to stop the threat.”

While I left the Will 2 Conceal class with more handgun knowledge, I had avoided shooting a gun. Thus Mitch and Toby invited me back for one of their beginner’s classes — not for a newspaper story, but for my own personal benefit.


Shooting a firearm was on my bucket list, so I agreed to attend the class.

The beginner’s class involves classroom instruction but the majority of the time is spent out on the firing range participating in live fire practice and shooting proficiency using targets.

Prior to arriving at the range, back in the classroom Mitch taught me how to comfortably grip a gun and practice a proper firing stance. He also instructed me on how to load, unload and holster the gun all while practicing important safety measures like scanning my surroundings.

The more comfortable I got with these fundamentals the more prepared I felt when it came time to head out to shoot targets.


Now, you are probably wondering how I fared on the shooting range. Well, I will be the first to admit that I was extremely nervous. But like anything I put my mind to, I was determined to excel.

When we arrived at the range, I gathered my shooting gear and got ready.

Ear plugs — check.

Safety goggles — check.

Ammunition — check.

Belt for the holster and magazines — oops.

Luckily, Mitch had a spare belt in his bin of gun range supplies.

Over the course of several hours, Mitch and Toby coached me and two other individuals through firing drills. First we practiced shooting from various distances while standing, and then moved onto kneeling and prone (on our bellies) positions.

I must say I lost all my nervousness the moment the first bullet came out of my gun. I hit the little orange target three yards away and was thrilled.

Mitch and Toby even instructed us on single-handed quick fire shooting and night shooting holding a flashlight.

They told me they were quite impressed with my shooting and did not believe it was my first time ever firing a gun. They also said they really enjoy teaching beginners, especially those as inexperienced as myself, because it is easier to teach them the proper fundamentals of how to shoot and be safe.

As I mentioned in one of my previous columns, Mitch and Toby are like those professors who you wish taught every subject so you could always sit in their classrooms.

Mitch told me that teaching these courses is something he enjoys and is passionate about. He and Toby like seeing people progress and be confident in their abilities.

I cannot thank them enough for their instruction, encouragement and patience.

Now I can say that I have fired a gun — and that I am a pretty good shot!

ObamaCare Could Be A Bait & Switch

This is a GREAT article on Obamacare – pay particular attention to the subsidy issue as North Carolina elected NOT to set up a state run exchange. Rather the Federal government will step in an offer a Federally Run Exchange….. and subsidies are not available in the Federal Exchanges . .

IMPORTANT:    Watch the Oklahoma Lawsuit filled by the Oklahoma Attorney General against Obamacare.

Quick re-cap:

Under the law, states are given three exchange options.  (1) States could create the exchange, (2) enter a partnership with the federal government, or, (3) if a state does nothing, the federal government will create the exchange and impose it on the state.

The folks writing the law assumed the vast majority of states would create their own exchange.  But just to make sure, they included a “carrot” that clearly says that the federal subsidies are available ONLY in the state-created exchanges, not in the federal-state partnerships or the federally created exchanges.

However, 34 states have decided not to play the ObamaCare game and opted for a federally created exchange or the partnership, which means the federal subsidies will not be available to millions of middle- and lower-income people in those states.

The Affordable Care Act says government subsidies intended to help people buy health insurance should go to exchanges “established by the State.”

And without the subsidies, insurance would become “unaffordable” under ObamaCare for the vast majority  of those families

Once this “minor” problem was pointed out to the brain dead folks that wrote this law, the IRS steps in and tries to re-write the law. Then comes the lawsuit filed by Oklahoma….  Stay Tuned and ask our NC representatives why NC is not yet standing with Oklahoma!?!

Arizona Sheriff Talks To Senator Rubio

The article mentions that Rubio is making laws about border security when he has never been to the Arizona border. Two things come to mind about that.

First, that task was probably given to the two Arizona senators on the Gang of Eight – McCain and Flake.   Second, border security is not the priority of this legislation.

The priority is to promote cheap labor (most business want this) and secure Democrat election victories for as far as the eye can see by making these 11 million+ illegals legal voters – 70% of who will likely vote Democrat.

But why would Republicans support that, you might ask? Good question.

They shouldn’t and no one has given a GOOD answer to that question, including Senator Rubio.


Chris Christie says: I will do anything I need to do to win

Does that mean even changing political parties? Also, why do Republicans want a northeasterner who does not hold key core principles of the party’s base? A Republican who wins a statewide election in a liberal state is closer to being a RINO than he is to being Ronald Reagan, e.g., Christie and Romney. Otherwise, he would have NEVER been elected governor in that liberal state. This is not rocket science.

Also, the country doesn’t need another guy who’s known primarily for giving good speeches!!!

The original article is here:

A Book That May Give The Answer To How We Restore Our Constitution

Mark Levin has recently written a book, “The Liberty Amendments: Restoring The American Republic”.  It has just been released, and it is not only number one on Amazon’s political book list, but number one of all books on Amazon.

This article describes the content of the book.

Playing the Race Card As A Last Resort

The NAACP and the Black Caucus have been the poster child for organizations that hurt the people they intend to help.

Black unemployment is at record levels regardless of the fact that this country is lead by a black president.  Again, hurting the people he intends to help.

Affirmative action merely causes divide in our society with no good done.

When conservatives point out, in the arena of ideas, that poverty is more expansive than when Lindon Johnson declared the war on poverty, there is only one thing the liberals can do.

They play the race card.  It is their last resort.  Well, we aren’t going to take it any more.  It is a false charge on its face.

The rodeo clown was chastised for wearing an Obama mask.  Why is this unacceptable?  Don’t we all remember how President Bush, “W” was continuously ridiculed?

It is not the color of President Obama’s skin, but how thin it is!

Roger Simon calls for an “End of Civil Rights Movement” in his article

Unfund Obamacare Meeting in Hendersonville August 19, 2013


Trey Grover

Friday, August 9th, 2013




FreedomWorks North and South Carolina Activists to Hold Six Townhall Events in Two Days

WHAT: Following the launch of FreedomWorks’ online action center, www.DemandATownhall.com, FreedomWorks and its devoted network of North and South Carolina activists have planned an action day consisting of town hall meetings, protests, and an honest discussion of the future of ObamaCare with North Carolina Congressman Mark Meadows of (NC-11) and FreedomWorks Vice President of Public Policy Dean Clancy.

FreedomWorks Vice President of Public Policy commented: “Since the launch of www.DemandATownhall.com, FreedomWorks has received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from our network of 6 million activists nationwide regarding our support of efforts to demand townhalls with members of Congress. While most members of Congress will spend the month of August dodging exposure, FreedomWorks has upped the stakes and said, ‘If you are one of the Republicans turning your back on a chance to address your constituents and the opportunity to dismantle ObamaCare before enrollment begins, we want to know your reasons why, and we want to hear them straight from you. FreedomWorks would like to thank, liberty minded leaders like Congressman Meadows and Senator Mike Lee for leading the fight to defund ObamaCare and their consistent willingness to participate in open townhall discussions. Without these privileged leaders, groups like FreedomWorks and individuals alike would not be able to have an honest understanding of the unintended consequences of Washington’s bogus legislation tactics being displayed in ObamaCare’”

WHEN/WHERE: There will be six separate action day events, one featuring Congressman Mark Meadows: (Just showing Hendersonville.)


Hendersonville, NC “Dutch Treat Lunch” Featuring Congressman Meadows and Dean Clancy of FreedomWorks

When: Monday, August 19th from 11:30am-1:00pm EST

Where: The Chariot, 715 N Church St, Hendersonville, NC 28202

RSVP: Please contact Bill Lack at 828-253-5709, Lunch Tickets $12.00 per person


WHY:  FreedomWorks and leading grassroots organizers across North and South Carolina want to educate voters on the issues. Further, it is critical to provide an opportunity for constituents to hear directly from their elected officials, demanding that they explain specifically why they supported or opposed explicit pieces of legislation over the 2013 fiscal calendar.

FreedomWorks is a grassroots service center to a community of over 6 million activists who believe in individual liberty and constitutionally-limited government. For more information, please visit www.FreedomWorks.org or contact Trey Grover at Tgrover@FreedomWorks.org.

Open Letter To Republican Politicians

WHY do politicians continue to hold out the Dependent Child Limit of Age 26 and Pre-Existing Condition exclusion as “good parts of Obamacare”?   Do they seriously not know that already existing Federal laws were in place to address these issues and could have been used RATHER THAN implementing a new monstrosity of a law?

Can our elected officials really be that uninformed?


Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA) – 1996


HIPAA is a complex federal law that assures people with pre-existing health conditions the ability to get health coverage. Under HIPAA,  you can not be turned down for coverage even if you have a pre-existing condition IF you:


  • Had at least 18 months of prior coverage from an employer or other group
  • Had used up your COBRA or state continuation coverage rights, and
  • Had no gaps in coverage lasting longer than 63 days and
  • Are not eligible for Medicare, Medicaid or another group health plan


In addition, most state government had set up a High Risk Pool for an additional option.


When a person changed jobs – for any reason – if the above conditions were met, the new employer’s plan must give individuals “credit” for the length of time they had prior continuous health coverage, without a break in coverage of 63 days or more, thereby reducing or eliminating the 12-month exclusion period.


>From the US Department of Labor’s own site:

Creditable Coverage

  • Includes prior coverage under another group health plan, an individual health insurance policy, COBRA, Medicaid, Medicare, CHAMPUS, the Indian Health Service, a state health benefits risk pool, FEHBP, the Peace Corps Act, or a public health plan.

Certificates Of Creditable Coverage

  • Certificates of creditable coverage must be provided automatically and free of charge by the plan or issuer when an individual loses coverage under the plan, becomes entitled to elect COBRA continuation coverage or exhausts COBRA continuation coverage. A certificate must also be provided free of charge upon request while you have health coverage or anytime within 24 months after your coverage ends.
  • Certificates of creditable coverage should contain information about the length of time you or your dependents had coverage as well as the length of any waiting period for coverage that applied to you or your dependents.
  • For plan years beginning on or after July 1, 2005, certificates of creditable coverage should also include an educational statement that describes individuals’ HIPAA portability rights. A new model certificate is available on EBSAs Web site.
  • If a certificate is not received, or the information on the certificate is wrong, you should contact your prior plan or issuer. You have a right to show prior creditable coverage with other evidence — like pay stubs, explanation of benefits, letters from a doctor — if you cannot get a certificate.



HIPAA established a concept called creditable coverage. This gives the individual (or their covered dependents) credit for the amount of time they were insured by one plan (called prior coverage) and applies it to the pre-existing condition exclusion period of a new plan. Prior coverage is not creditable if there is a gap of 63 or more consecutive days without coverage.  An example of  how it works:

  • Marian was diagnosed with MS while she was working for ABC Corporation and was insured by ABC’s group health plan. After three years with ABC, she took a job with DEF International and enrolled in their group health plan. Marian had a gap of just nine days between her ABC coverage and the start date of DEF’s group plan. DEF’s plan excluded pre-existing conditions for the first twelve months, but HIPAA allowed her to apply her prior coverage from ABC to DEF’s pre-existing condition exclusion period.


PRIOR COVERAGE is important in order to prevent someone from “gaming” the system, as Massachusetts is sadly finding out. If there is No Requirement to “Maintain” insurance coverage, then what will stop people from only getting coverage when they know that they need surgery or care….?  What will prevent that same person from dropping coverage (and eliminating the cost of the premium for such coverage) after their episode of care and just waiting until the next time they need to access care?


So we had the underpinnings of HIPAA already in place – – -we did not and do not need Obamacare!  Will someone please inform the people that write these damn laws!?!?!


Now the Age 26 limit for dependent children


Requiring employers to allow parents to keep so called “children” on their policy does NOT mean that employers have to pay for the cost of an employee adding Dependent coverage and in fact, more and more employers are electing to offer dependent coverage (spouse and children) but doing so ONLY IF the employee pays the full cost for adding dependents. So more and more workers (employees) are now being told that if they want to cover a spouse or a child, they will be required to pick up the full cost of doing so. This is called an unintended consequence – which is something that happens every time the Federal Government opens its mouth!


Also, college students used to be able to get a limited policy thru their ‘institution of higher learning’ (and I use that term loosely). Since Obamacare, many if not most, of those Student policies have been eliminated.


For a healthy person age 19-26 an “Individual” policy is (or was) generally less expensive than adding that person to a group policy, precisely because they are younger and tend to be healthier, their premiums were the lowest of all premiums.


Not to mention that under a group policy dependent children are generally not covered for Pregnancies. The Pregnancy Discrimination act of 1978 requires health insurance to treat pregnancy as any other illness, yet most group policies only cover “maternity” services for the female employee or the female Spouse. Maternity coverage is not covered for dependent children under Group Policies. Individual policies do (or did) cover maternity services.


In 2008 – sadly 2.8 million women ages 15-25 got pregnant…. Hopefully they were not covered under a parent’s group policy.




So if I hear one more “Republican” say that they “like certain aspects of Obamacare” I am going to never vote for that person again!  You would be wise to do the same. We do not need anymore empty suits supposedly representing us when it is becoming more obvious each day, that they have no idea what they are doing.




McCrory Signs North Carolina Voter ID bill

Press Release

Governor McCrory Signs Popular Voter ID into Law

“Common practices like boarding an airplane and purchasing Sudafed require photo ID and we should expect nothing less for the protection of our right to vote.” – Gov.  Pat McCrory 

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                         919-814-2100

Monday, August 12, 2013                                                                            govpress@nc.gov


Raleigh, NC – Governor Pat McCrory today signed HB 589, commonly referred to as Voter Photo ID, into law.  This law will help ensure the integrity of the North Carolina ballot box and provide greater equality in access to voting to North Carolinians.


“North Carolinians overwhelmingly support a common sense law that requires voters to present photo identification in order to cast a ballot.  I am proud to sign this legislation into law. Common practices like boarding an airplane and purchasing Sudafed require photo ID and we should expect nothing less for the protection of our right to vote,” said Governor McCrory.


North Carolina joins the majority of states in adopting this and other election reform provisions with 34 states requiring some form of  ID to vote.  The photo ID requirement will go into effect for the 2016 elections.   North Carolinians overwhelmingly support this legislation:


  • A March Elon University poll showed 72 percent of North Carolinians support photo-ID at the polls.
  • A March Civitas Institute poll showed 67 percent support.
  • An April Survey USA poll showed 75 percent overall support for voter-photo identification.


“While some will try to make this seem to be controversial, the simple reality is that requiring voters to provide a photo ID when they vote is a common sense idea,” said Governor McCrory. “This new law brings our state in line with a healthy majority of other states throughout the country. This common sense safeguard is common-place.”


A valid North Carolina driver’s license, U.S. passport and various military IDs are among the acceptable forms of photo identification. A voter can also obtain a state-issued photo-ID from the Department of Motor Vehicles at no charge. If a voter comes to the polls without a photo-ID, they can still cast a provisional ballot.


The hours available to cast an early ballot remain the same and there will be 10 days for voters to cast their ballot early.  The law requires county board of elections to calculate the number of early voting hours offered in the 2012 presidential and the 2010 non-presidential voting years. The same amount of early voting hours in those years must be made available in presidential and non-presidential elections going forward. Also, all early voting sites within a county must have the same days and hours of operation.


North Carolina will join the majority of states and the District of Columbia that require voters to cast a ballot for a candidate, and not for a political party, by not allowing straight-ticket voting.


This new law also aligns North Carolina with the majority of states (37) that do not allow a person to register and vote on the same day.  This law will also remove the bureaucratic burden of having to re-certify the address and other identifying information for under-age voters by doing away with pre-registration of 16 and 17 year olds. North Carolina was one of only eight states with the practice of “registering” teenagers too young to vote.


This law will also seek to reduce the “pay-to-play” culture of politics by placing additional campaign finance restrictions on lobbyists. Lobbyists are now prohibited from delivering even a single campaign contribution to candidates.