Do Not Step Off The Plantation

Let this retaliation be a warning to anyone else considering stepping off the plantation

Obama’s fired nobody for the ObamaCare disaster, but someone who spoke out against it is fired……
Welcome to Obama’s America. Or to put it another way, welcome to Detroit.

There Is A Reason People Are Watching This Video On YouTube

Not sure if you are familiar with this group or not, but I think you will enjoy this…. There is a link in the article below that will take you to (a video of ) their rendition of Little Drummer Boy…. If you like it, you should also check out their “Carol of the Bells” (on iTunes or Amazon etc.)  The video on YouTube has over six million views so far.

Polk County Democrates Are Gearing Up – We Should Also

They point out in an article on their website that they need three candidates for commissioners.  One for Ray Gasperson, and the other two for Ted Owens and Keith Holbert.

We need to start coaxing our leaders to run.  If we don’t have strong candidates to counter their efforts, we will turn this county back to a democraticly run county.  Heaven forbid.

Here is a link to their article

Please read it.

Heads Up Conservatives – Progressives Don’t Want To Talk About ObamaCare

Here it is early December and already progressives are trying to change the subject.  Since their Marketplace website has been a total failure, there isn’t much reason to talk about that subject.

Now, they want to talk about Immigration Reform – Read that as Amnesty for 20 million illegals.

Keep your eye on the ball, and shut down discussion about Immigration Reform.  Now is not the time to take on a great “give away” that will help  progressives to change the subject.

The Heritage Foundation has an interesting morning update that you need to read.  They talk about how John Boehner wants to carve up the Immigration like we would carve up a turkey.  However, that doesn’t work.

Here is the morning update:

Beware of Happy Talk on Immigration


Is immigration reform coming back from the dead?

Over Thanksgiving, both President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) have indicated that the issue —which has meant amnesty, by any other name—is alive on Capitol Hill.

Obama said last week that proponents of amnesty should be “thankful” for Boehner’s stated support for immigration reform and prompted laughter by comparing the complicated issue to a turkey that could be sliced up.

“It’s Thanksgiving. We can carve this bird into multiple pieces,” Obama quipped.

But the metaphor doesn’t really work.

It must have been the spirit of the season that prompted Boehner to praise Obama earlier in November for his sudden willingness—amid the wreckage of another “comprehensive” solution, Obamacare—to entertain a “piece-by-piece” process for immigration reform.

“The American people are skeptical of big, comprehensive bills, and frankly, they should be,” Boehner told reporters. “The only way to make sure immigration reform works this time is to address the complicated issues one step at a time.”

While all this talk sounds nice, the bird really wouldn’t be carved in the end. The House and Senate eventually would have to come together, and that’s where liberals are likely to reassemble the pieces, throw in some more, and try to stuff the whole monstrous turkey—including amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants—down Americans’ throats.

But Americans are wary of promises from Washington right now. They have learned the hard way to watch what this President does and not what he says. After all, he has broken promises about Obamacare and acted without Congress to waive or delay parts of the health care law. And he has shown himself more than willing to test the constitutional limits of executive power not only on immigration but many other matters.

The immigration discussions have strayed far from the positive path to immigration and border security reform the country should be on. That path exists, and it does not lead to more broken promises.