Attend The Making Of America Seminar

The Making of America Seminar

The Polk County Republican party will host The Making of America seminar on

Saturday, July 26 from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm. The seminar will take place at the GOP

Headquarters at 33 S. Peak Street, Columbus, NC.

The seminar was developed by the National Center for Constitutional Studies. NCCS

was created to teach the US Constitution in the tradition of America’s Founding

Fathers. This seminar is part of a campaign of education to help our country get

back on its constitutional track.

The Founding Fathers set out to find a system of government that would provide

Freedom, Prosperity and Peace for the people of America. No such government

existed so they invented one. The result was the first free people in modern times.

The Founders laid the foundation for us. We must preserve it. To do so, we need to

know what their success formula consisted of. The seminar study guide provides

you with an overview of the principles of America’s freedom.

The seminar will be presented by Bill Norton. Bill is the National Constitutional

Coordinator for the Tea Party Patriots. Bill has presented this seminar 125 times in

40 states, including two state legislatures. He is the founder of Constitution Week

USA, the largest celebration of the Constitution in the nation.

Seminar details:

• The cost is $15 per person. No charge for anyone under 25 years of age.

• Lunch will be provided.

• Reservations are required. Call (828) 894-5809 to reserve a seat.

• Mail a check for admission to 4863 Peniel Road, Tryon, NC 28782 or come

early and pay at the door.

• For more information, call Jim Troppmann at (828) 894-5809.

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