Words Have Meaning

This study says Millennials (ages 18-29) support gay marriage and legalized marijuana and want guaranteed healthcare, housing and income, BUT they also think government is inefficient and wasteful and are suspicious of government regarding privacy and over regulation.

They don’t like the word capitalism, but the majority want to own a small business. They call themselves socialists, but cannot accurately define the term.

The author of this article hopes there can be a national conversation about these important issues. That’s the usual thing people who write articles say these days. It sounds so thoughtful and reasonable like hope and change. However, I don’t think a real conversation is possible until everyone knows what the words they’re using mean. DUH!!

My takeaway from this article is that Millennials are less educated than they should be. Why call yourself a socialist while favoring capitalist policies. Why don’t Millennials like the word capitalist since it describes many of their preferences? That seems odd to me. Maybe it’s because of what they’ve heard since birth in and out of the classroom? Hollywood and the public education system has done a “good” job of getting these kids to believe that capitalism is bad, but they haven’t done as well convincing them that liberal policies (big government) is good. Reality is getting in the way of that.