Voter Fraud In NC

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August 12, 2011: Voter Fraud in North Carolina

Authorities have charged four Wake County [North Carolina] residents with voter fraud in connection with the last presidential election. Twenty-six-year-old Kierra Fontae Leache of Pheiffer Drive in Raleigh, 46-year-old Shelia “Sheilia” Romona Hodges, also of Pheiffer Drive in Raleigh, and 25-year-old Brandon Earl McLean of Bethune Drive in Raleigh, allegedly cast two ballot votes in 2008. All three are registered Democrats.

According to arrest warrants, Leache filed a no-excuse absentee application on Oct. 29, 2008, as well as voted at the polling place on Martin Luther King Boulevard in Raleigh on Nov. 4. Leache later admitted to authorities that she did vote twice in the presidential election.

Hodges and McLean – who also is facing unrelated charges from this past June – both each participated in early voting at Chavis Heights Community Center in Raleigh and later voted on Election Day at their local fire department polling place, according to court documents. They also admitted to the charges. (Source) and (Source)


March 6, 2012: Voter Fraud in North Carolina

As Statesville City [North Carolina] Councilman Flake Huggins faces indictments against him, his colleagues on the council remain supportive. Huggins was indicted by a grand jury on Monday charges stemming from a voter fraud investigation.

“I think he’s innocent until proven guilty,” said Councilman Michael Johnson. “It’s a matter for the courts but (the indictments) will not impair my ability to work with Flake. I personally like Flake and I think this is a very unfortunate situation. I don’t think Flake has a malicious bone in his body and my hope is that he will be exonerated.”

Huggins, who represents Ward 6 on the council, is being charged with one count of common law aiding and abetting and one count of obstruction of justice, which are Class I and Class H felonies respectively. The charges are related to Huggins’ alleged knowledge of votes illegally cast by family members in the November run-off between Huggins and challenger J.D. Williams. Those family members – sister Rhonda Williams, brother-in-law Willie Williams Jr. and nephew Christopher Williams – were indicted for one count each of illegally voting. Christopher Williams was also faces an obstruction of justice charge. All of these charges are also felonies. (Source)




February 17, 2012: Voter Fraud and Voter-Registration fraud in North Carolina

The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) has charged one person with voter fraud in Candor in Montgomery County and charges against other voters may be coming. Erik Ray Jackson, 24, a previous candidate for Candor police chief, was charged on Friday with fraudulent voter registration and fraudulent voting in the 2011 municipal election. The warrant states that Jackson registered to vote in Montgomery County on Oct. 4, 2011, and used the address of 305 N. Tomlinson St., Candor, the same address as Wayne Holyfield, a state trooper who was elected to the Candor Board of Commissioners last November and has been embroiled in a controversy over firing four of the five officers on the town police force.

According to the warrant, Jackson lived at 131 Young Drive, Lexington, at the time of the election and had lived there since Sept. 16, 2011. The warrant also says that Jackson voted in the Candor municipal election on Nov. 8, 2011, and was not a resident of Candor for at least 30 days preceding the election as required by law. (Source) and (Source)


October 23, 2012: Malfunctioning Voting Machines in North Carolina

Guilford County [North Carolina] voters tried to vote for Romney but the name automatically defaulted to Obama. It was supposedly caused by a ”glitch” in one of their voting machines and has since been fixed, but how many people voted before they realized it?

According to, voter Sher Coromalis says she cast her ballot for Governor Mitt Romney, but every time she entered her vote the machine defaulted to President Obama. “I was so upset that this could happen,” said Coromalis.

Now, some voters are concerned about polling locations in Jamestown and Pleasant Garden. Faurest Stum says she voted at the Pleasant Garden Town Hall location. Her vote was for Mitt Romney, but the machine cast the vote for Barack Obama…. Guilford County Board of Elections Director George Gilbert says the problem arises every election. It can be resolved after the machine is re-calibrated by poll workers. “It’s not a conspiracy it’s just a machine that needs to be corrected,” Gilbert said. After the third try, Coromalis says she was able to get her vote counted for Gov. Romney but was still annoyed. “I should have just mailed it in,” Coromalis said. (Source) and (Source) and (Source) and (Source)


October 30, 2012: Voter Fraud in North Carolina

Former [North Carolina] Town Councilwoman Linda Lyons faces voter fraud-related charges after allegedly trying to vote twice during last year’s election, according to a Wake County prosecutor. Lyons is scheduled to appear in court Nov. 19 on the misdemeanor charge, said Wake County Assistant District Attorney Steven Saad. If convicted, Lyons could be sentenced to up to 120 days in jail, he said.

Lyons, who had served 12 years on the Morrisville Town Council, was running for re-election last year when she faced allegations that she violated state election laws by mishandling absentee ballots, improperly witnessing absentee ballots and trying to vote twice. She lost her seat by three votes after an appeal to the state elections board dragged on for several months.

Lyons filed an early-voting ballot Oct. 24, 2011, and then attempted to vote again on Election Day at her precinct, officials at the county board of elections said at the time. “I forgot I had voted earlier,” Lyons had said. “Do you know how much I have going on? I’ve been campaigning, taking care of my father, and I’m a single parent. I forgot.” (Source)


November 2, 2012: Voter Fraud in North Carolina

A double killer who was judged mentally insane at his trial has registered and voted from the mental hospital where he is confined. The voting activity of Wendell Justin Williamson, a patient at Central Regional Hospital in Butner, North Carolina, resulted from increased voter registration efforts at state mental hospitals for the developmentally disabled, Carolina Journal reports.

Williamson was registered on Sept. 13 at Central Regional as an unaffiliated voter. He cast an absentee ballot that was accepted Oct. 15 by the Granville County Board of Elections, Carolina Journal reports. In January 1995, Williamson, a law student, killed two strangers with an M-1 rifle in a street shootout near the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, the Journal says. He was judged not guilty by reason of insanity. (Source) and (Source)


November 5, 2012: Voter Fraud in North Carolina

The father of a mentally handicapped woman claims his daughter and others were “carted off” to a North Carolina polling site last week and “coaxed” into voting for President Obama by workers of the group home where she stays – a claim the owner of the home disputes and that apparently has not yet triggered an investigation by election officials.

The father, Cecil Pearson, said his daughter – who is 40 but has the “mentality … of a 7-year-old” – was “brainwashed the night before” and then taken to a Roanoke Rapids polling site on Friday to vote. He said his daughter told him what happened when he picked her up on Sunday.

“They brought her a piece of paper and they indicated which block to check,” Pearson told “She voted for Barack Obama and was coaxed into doing that.” He claimed “more than four” people were brought to the site. (Source)


November 6, 2012: Voter Fraud in North Carolina

In North Carolina, PJ Media reports that one “Andrew Gail Holmes voted early in Sampson County, North Carolina, and then appeared at their precinct today to vote again, according to the staff director of the Sampson County Board of Elections, Donna Mashburn.” “We have a gentleman who had early voted,” Mashburn said, “and went to his precinct to vote. (Source)


November 6, 2012: Election fraud in North Carolina

Ken Sharpe, of High Point, North Carolina, told Fox News that he was waiting in line to vote when he noticed a poll worker approach a woman who needed help. The incident occurred at the Springfield Friends Church polling station in the city’s third ward. Sharpe said he watched as the worker showed the woman where the Obama button was – along with all the other Democrats on the ticket. “She was pushing the buttons he told her to push,” Sharpe said. “This is pretty shady.” (Source) and (Source)


January 10, 2013: Voter Fraud in North Carolina

The Scotland County [North Carolina] Board of Elections is pursuing a voter fraud case after a convicted felon cast a vote in the 2012 elections. The information will be turned over to prosecutors by Friday, said Dell Parker, board director. Anyone convicted of a felony in North Carolina loses the right to vote, Parker said.

“A person convicted of a felony cannot vote until their rights are restored, they’ve pulled their time, paid their fines and are off of probation,” she said.

The allegedly fraudulent vote was cast during the one-stop early voting period that was held prior to the November elections, Parker said. “A gentleman, who was convicted of a felony in the past, registered and voted on the same day,” she said. Workers discovered, while researching the man’s information, that he was still on probation, Parker said. “We sent a letter requesting him to appear for a hearing and he did not (appear),” she said. (Source)


February 19, 2013: Voter-Registration Fraud in North Carolina 

North Carolina’s Civitas Institute has revealed that the North Carolina State Board of Elections and the Obama campaign conspired to register at least 11,000 people via the internet in violation of state law. This has been confirmed through records requests filed with all of North Carolina’s 100 counties. The counting is not yet complete.

North Carolina does not allow online voting, but according to Civitas, SBE staff authorized an Obama campaign website,, to use a web-based registration program. The SBE’s chief lawyer responded to the charge with a plainly disingenuous 1984-newspeak answer. (Source) and (Source)



February 26, 2014: Voter Fraud in North Carolina

Q: How many cases of voter fraud have there been in North Carolina in the past 10 years, and how many people have been prosecuted? – J.H., Fayetteville

A: We don’t know how many people have been prosecuted or convicted per se, but the N.C. State Board of Elections released last year an analysis of voter fraud cases that were investigated. State election officials identified a total of 631 fraud cases between 2000 and 2012.

According to the state report, those cases “merited a referral” to the district attorney’s office where the fraud occurred.

The state report shows 11 types of fraud, such double voting, vote buying/selling, illegal voter assistance and voter impersonation.

Over the 12-year period, the most common fraud type, with 377 cases, was felon voting…. The second most common type of voter fraud, according to the state list, was voting twice, with 91 cases. Third-highest on the list was a noncitizen registering or voting, with 58 cases. (Source)


March 26, 2013: Election Fraud in North Carolina

The State Board of Elections is investigating at least two claims of buying votes during the most recent Mt. Gilead [North Carolina] mayoral election. The complaints were filed at the time of the election, last November, but are just now being investigated.

One claim involves a former resident of Tillery Chase, Mary Dennis. Dennis’ son, Bobby Thompson, filed a complaint with the local board of elections office and Department of Social Services saying his mother had been exploited. In his complaint Thompson said, “I am a former resident of Mount Gilead and 1991 graduate of West Montgomery. I have spent the last 20 years in the Navy and currently reside in San Diego, California. This past weekend I found out from my mom Mary Dennis who resides at Tillery Chase Assisted Living Facility that a woman named Geri Dowd took my mom to Troy to register to vote on the condition that they support Patty Almond. For doing this she bought my mom a pack of cigarettes and lunch at McDonalds. My mother is physically disabled and has history of mental illness and has never voted in her life. She didn’t have the ability to tell me the names of any candidates running for office or who she was voting for. My mom tells me that Geri Dowd is taking multiple residents almost on a daily basis. I must say that I am shocked at the tactics of local politics in Mount Gilead. (Source)


December 27, 2013: Voter Fraud in North Carolina

Voters in the Robeson County [North Carolina] town of Pembroke will go to the polls a second time to elect town council members after the State Board of Elections found many “irregularities” in the November election and ordered a new vote.

In a written order released Friday, the state board found that problems “occurred to such an extent in this election that they tainted the results of all the Pembroke municipal elections and cast doubt upon their fairness.” A new election in 2014 was the only appropriate remedy because of the seriousness and number of irregularities, the board found after a lengthy hearing at its meeting last week. (Source)



April 1, 2014: Voter Fraud in North Carolina

House Speaker Thom Tillis (R-Mecklenburg) and Senate Leader Phil Berger (R-Rockingham) issued a joint statement Wednesday in response to more alarming evidence of voter error and fraud discovered by the North Carolina State Board of Elections.

State elections officials said Wednesday that they’re investigating hundreds of cases [and potentially thousands] of voters who appear to have voted in two states and several dozen who appear to have voted after their deaths.

North Carolina’s check found 765 registered North Carolina voters who appear to match registered voters in other states on their first names, last names, dates of birth and the final four digits of their Social Security numbers. Those voters appear to have voted in North Carolina in 2012 and also voted in another state in 2012.

The crosscheck also found 35,570 voters in North Carolina who voted in 2012 whose first names, last names and dates of birth match those of voters who voted in other states in 2012, but whose Social Security numbers were not matched.

Additionally, the analysis found 155,692 registered North Carolina voters whose first and last names, dates of birth and final four Social Security number digits match voters registered in other states but who most recently registered or voted elsewhere. That last group, Strach said, was most likely voters who moved out of state without notifying their local boards of elections. “Those may be voters we need to remove because they’ve left North Carolina.”

Strach also said a “10-year death audit” found 13,416 deceased voters who had not been removed from voter rolls as of October 2013. Eighty-one of those individuals, she said, died before an election in which they are recorded as having voted. Strach cautioned that about 30 of those 81 voters appear to have legally cast their votes early via absentee ballot and then died before Election Day. However, she said, “There are between 40 and 50 [voters] who had died at a time that that’s not possible.”

“I think the big bombshell today is that you have documented voter fraud that has occurred,” said Rep. Tim Moore, R-Cleveland. “We have over 36,000 people who apparently voted in this state illegally and committed felonies.” Moore said he believes at least 36,000 people committed voter fraud in 2012. (Source) and (Source) and (Source) and (Source) and (Source) and (Source) and (Source) and (Source) and (Source) and (Source) and (Source) and (Source) and (Source) and (Source)
April 6, 2014: Voter Fraud in North Carolina

Dealing a devastating blow to Democrat claims that Voter ID laws are unnecessary because voter fraud is exceedingly rare, a new report from the North Carolina State Board of Elections reveals tens of thousands of documented voter-fraud cases that occurred in 2012 alone — just among voters registered in that state. (Source)


April 9, 2014: Voter Fraud in North Carolina

The Obama Administration refuses to deport a Muslim illegal alien who was convicted of voter fraud, even after a Federal Court of Appeals (and every court before that) has ordered that he should be deported. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents are rightfully angry that, despite their hard work in investigating Asif Gulzar Pasha, a Pakistani national who voted illegally in North Carolina in 2004 and falsely claimed to be a U.S. citizen, remains on U.S. soil.

He’s living freely and snubbing his nose at them, even after the 11th Circuit U.S. Federal Court of Appeals ruled that he is guilty and ordered him deported. That was back in July 2012. In fact, Pasha bragged to ICE agents that he is still here and rubbed their noses in it. Pasha said that while the local ICE office was fighting to deport him, it was all for nothing because ICE Headquarters directed that Pasha NOT be deported and be left alone. (Source)
April 8, 2014: Voter-Registration Fraud in Florida and North Carolina 

The Voter Integrity Project of North Carolina today released the results of their year-long research effort that found 5,167 people who appeared to be registered to vote in both Florida and North Carolina, and 147 people who “were involved” in voter fraud. They gave the information to election officials in both Florida and North Carolina, in addition to a member of the North Carolina Senate committee responsible of election law. (Source)
April 11, 2014: Voter Fraud in North Carolina

Fraudulent ballots cast cancel valid votes, but only a tiny fraction of 1 percent of the cases cited in the North Carolina audit were referred for investigation and prosecution, as reported by WNCN-TV in Raleigh. (Source)


NOTE: This is about 90% of instances found at this source. Some mentions, not included, include where NC is grouped with one or more other states.


Another source:



Updated Voting Candidate List


US Senate: Thom Tillis

US House of Representatives Patrick  McHenry

NC State Senate: Ralph Hise

NC House of Representataives: Chris Whitmire

District Attorney: Gregory Newman

Polk County Board of Commissioners (vote for 3): Shane Bradley, Keith Holbert, Ted Owens

Polk County Clerk of Superior Court: Pam Hyder

Polk County Sheriff: Pat Staggs

NC Supreme Court: Mark Martin

NC Supreme Court Associate Justice: Bob Hunter

NC Supreme Court Associate Justice: Eric Levinson

NC Supreme Court Associate Justice: Mike Robinson

NC Court of Appeals: John M. Tyson

NC Court of Appeals: Bill Southern

NC Court of Appeals: Paul Holcombe

NC Court of Appeals: Mark Powell

NC Court of Appeals: Donna Stroud

Polk County Board of Education, Columbus Township: T. Paul Beiler

Polk County Board of Education, Cooper Gap Township: Judy Jackson

Polk County Board of Education, Green Creek Township: Sherry Horne Page

Soil and Water Conservation District  Supervisor (may vote for 2): Charles Edwards, Richard Smith (both Dems)

NC Constitutional Amendment:  Against 


Early Voting begins Oct 25 through Nov. 1st.  Early voting locations:

Womack Bldg: Mon-Fri 7am – 7pm

Green Creek and Mill Spring:  Mon – Fri 1pm – 7pm; Sat. 8am – 7pm

GOP HQ open Saturdays until Election 9am – noon and open the entire week before the election 9 – noon and 3pm – 5pm


Their home phone is 828-859-9900.   Thanks so much to any and all who help.

Biography of Candidate for Polk County Sheriff Pat Staggs

My name is Pat Staggs and I would like to introduce myself as a candidate for Polk County Sheriff. I have

been a resident of Polk County for twenty-nine years and I retired from the Highway Patrol in March of

2013, with thirty years of service to the citizens of North Carolina.

I held several different jobs during my tenure with the Patrol and retired with the rank of First Sergeant, District Commander, responsible for the operation of the Highway Patrol in Buncombe County.  During my tenure with the Patrol, I received over twenty-seven hundred hours of law enforcement related training to include General Law Enforcement Instructor, Specialized Law Enforcement Instructor, Law Enforcement Field Training Supervisor, Incident Command, Anti-Terrorism for Managers and Supervisors, Leadership Skills for Criminal Justice Professionals, Equal Employment Opportunity Training, Law Enforcement Character and Ethics, Team Leadership Training and Administrative Officers Management training to name a few.

I have instructed at the basic school and in-service level for the Highway Patrol as well as the Community College System in North Carolina to local law enforcement agencies since 1992. I am currently an Adjunct Instructor for Blue Ridge Community College in Flat Rock and Isothermal Community College in Spindale instructing the following courses; Motor Vehicle Law, Traffic Collision Investigation, Techniques of Traffic Law Enforcement, Rapid Deployment, Emotional Survival and Firearms Training.

I am currently employed with the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office as the Assistant Detention Center Administrator. I assist in overseeing the operation and supervision of the two hundred and eight bed detention facility in Rutherfordton.

During my law enforcement service I have received the following honors and awards; Region C State Patrolman of the year 1999, Buncombe County Trooper of the year 2012 and the North Carolina Honor of the Long Leaf Pine 2013.

I have dedicated most of my life to serving the citizens of North Carolina in the area of law enforcement and look forward to the opportunity to serve the citizens of Polk County. I am married to Amanda Rickman Staggs and have two children Felicia and Jake who were both raised here in Polk County.

I invite you to visit my website at WWW.VOTEPATSTAGGS.COM and my facebook page at PAT@VOTEPATSTAGGS.COM to learn more about my training, experience and visions for law enforcement in Polk County.



Candidate For Commissioner Shane Bradley’s Biography

I am a native Polk County; I live in Saluda with my wife Robin, my oldest son Lane, and my youngest son
Grayson. We live on the same property that has been in the Bradley family for generations.
I attended Saluda Elementary and Jr. High School. I graduated from East Henderson High School in Flat
Rock, NC. In 1984 I joined Saluda Fire & Rescue, as a junior fire fighter.  Today I am currently serving in
the position of Chief. This is a position that I have held for the past nine years. Over the years I have
served on many volunteer and advisory boards. I am currently serving on the Farmland Preservation
Board in Polk County.

In 1991 I started working for Southern Agricultural Insecticides, Inc. I started on the floor as a production
worker and then in 1998 I was promoted to manager of the production plant.
In 1992 I married Robin Nelson, a native of Hendersonville, NC. Many of you may remember her from
Mountain 1st
In 1994, our first son, Lane was born. He attended Saluda Elementary School, Polk County Middle

School, and is a graduate of Polk County High School. Our youngest son, Grayson, was born in 2003. He
attended Saluda Elementary School and is currently attending Polk County Middle School.
Polk County has been a great place to live and raise my family. I have seen many changes come to Polk
County over the years and I know that many more will come in the future. I would like to do my part to
make sure that the changes are positive and that they are what is best for residents of Polk County.
Bank in Columbus, where she worked for 2 1⁄2 years.



A Letter From Paul Stam

October 10, 2014

Dear Editor:


Yesterday I received mail from the NC Democratic Party.  While the mailer was directed against Speaker Thom Tillis, every charge in it is really directed at the North Carolina General Assembly.  The Democratic Party is not very good at math.


1. They charge that Speaker Tillis cut $500 million in education.  In the year before Speaker Tillis led the House, the budget for K-12 education was $7.3 Billion.  This year the budget is $8.1 Billion.  Fifth graders can figure that this is an increase of $800 Million.  But Democrats say it is a $500 Million “cut”.  The Washington Post awarded this lie “two Pinocchios”.


 2. They charge “the wealthy got huge tax breaks” with two big pictures of a yacht and a helicopter.  This mirrors Senator Hagan’s charge about the tax rate for jets and yachts.  North Carolina has capped the sales tax paid on airplanes since 1957 and on boats since 1967.  Speaker Tillis and the current General Assembly had nothing to do with it.  While Senator Hagan was in charge of the Senate Budget Committee for years, she never attempted to change the rate.  And this session not one single Democrat made any motion to change that rate.  WRAL gave this claim a “red light” award as part of its fact check research.


3. Democrats say “Thanks to Speaker Thom Tillis, last year Wake schools lost 528 teaching positions”.  The state budget funded 6,788 teachers last year and 6,977 teachers this year.  This represents an increase of 189 teachers for Wake County. Democrats apparently can’t tell the difference between addition or subtraction.




Rep. Paul Stam

714 Hunter Street

Apex, NC   


Ted Owen’s Biography

Teddy B. (Ted) Owens

Personal Background:

• Polk County Native; Hometown – Tryon

• Mill Spring High School Graduate- Attended Wofford and Furman

• United States Navy Veteran- Petty Officer- had duty in the Persian Gulf

• Married to Elna Lynch From Sunny View

• 3 Children and 6 Grandchildren

• Deacon & Sunday School Teacher at Cooper’s Gap Baptist Church

• Retired executive of Milliken & Co. ( 50 years)

• Consultant- Author of Technical Articles for the Laundry Rental Industries.

• Part owner of a company- Wash-A-Way

Civic and Political Background:

• Mayor Of Columbus- 4 Years

• Polk Co. Commissioner- 13 Years (Chairman for 3 years)

• Chairman Of Polk Co. Republican Party- 6 Years

Boards Served on:

• N.C. Association Of County Commissioners-(Represented 4 counties)

• Library

• Polk Co. Little League-Coach and Treasurer

• Polk Co. Recreation Committee- Chairman

• St. Luke’s Hospital Board of Trustees

• District Health

• Polk County Historical Association

• Independent Textiles Rental Association -(Received their highest award)

• North Carolina Association Of Textiles Services -(Recognition award)

• Polk Vocational Services

• N.C. Association of County Commissioners’ Economic Development Task

My Beliefs:

• Conservative

• County Govt. Should Not Outspend Its Growth

• Elected Officials Should Serve All The People With Humility and Honesty.

I appreciate your vote!


New TV Ad: While ISIS Grew, Sen. Hagan Did Cocktails

Wilmington, N.C. – Tomorrow, the Thom Tillis for U.S. Senate campaign will begin airing a new television ad titled “Cocktails,” which highlights the fact that Sen. Kay Hagan skipped a classified hearing on current and future threats to national security in order to attend a cocktail fundraiser in New York City.

Hagan’s campaign spent weeks attempting to cover-up the whereabouts of Sen. Hagan on February 27, repeatedly refusing to answer questions about whether she skipped a classified national security hearing to attend a New York City fundraiser.  The campaign finally admitted to the Associated Press today that Hagan prioritized her political career over our national security.

  • “Hagan said in a post-debate news conference Tuesday that she missed an Armed Services hearing when it was postponed after some Senate votes were scheduled. Hagan’s campaign confirmed Wednesday the hearing occurred Feb. 27. The Armed Services Committee held a closed hearing that afternoon on ‘current and future worldwide threats’ to national security. Hagan’s campaign scheduled a cocktail reception at a New York apartment that evening.” [Associated Press, 10/9/14]

In addition to missing a classified national security briefing to attend a cocktail fundraiser, Sen. Hagan has skipped 27 out of 50 Armed Services Committee open hearings over the last two years, one of the worst attendance records on the committee.

Today, Tillis for U.S. Senate campaign manager Jordan Shaw issued the following statement:

“It’s absolutely unacceptable that instead of doing her job and attending classified hearings on our national security, Sen. Hagan was at a cocktail fundraiser in New York City. President Obama and Sen. Hagan’s failed foreign policy resulted in the creation of the Islamic State, and they continue to lead from behind. North Carolina deserves a senator like Thom Tillis who will stand up to President Obama’s failed foreign policy to keep our nation safe and secure.”


VO: In January, President Obama refers to the Islamic State as a “jayvee team.”

Days later, the Armed Services Committee holds a hearing on new global threats.

Senator Kay Hagan? Absent.

Hagan’s missed half the Armed Services Committee hearings this year.

In fact, Hagan admits she prioritized a cocktail party to benefit her campaign.

While ISIS grew, Obama did nothing. Senator Hagan did cocktails.

To change policy, change your senator.

THOM TILLIS: I’m Thom Tillis, I approve this message.

Did You Think Obama Has Done A Good Job?

Thought you might enjoy seeing this

A short list of missteps:
* Benghazi

* Fast & Furious

* Gulf Oil Spill

* Keystone pipeline

* Pulling out of Iraq with no strategy Re: insurgent Forces

* Release of 5 high level Taliban for 1 alleged American deserter (Bergdahl)

* “If you like your policy, you can keep it”

* Snub of the funeral of Margaret Thatcher

* “You didn’t build that” – condemnation of small businesses everywhere

* Solyndra and other green energy debacles’ using taxpayer monies

* Stimulus bill that failed to stimulate anything positive

* Association with ACORN

* Association with Rev. Wright

* Lack of Support for Israel

I am sure I am leaving off many others!

How Important Is The Word Administrator?

One more thing to remember. Before the U.D.O, the word “Administrator” was mentioned only 1 time.

After the U.D.O was finalized, the word “Administrator” is mentioned 384 times. Makes you wonder who would become the administrator or ENFORCER? Please remind everyone to vote republican and keep the democrats out of our lives and off our property!

More can be found at

Restrictions That Would Be Imposed If UDO Is Implemented

Many people don’t know what the UDO, (Uniform Development Ordinance) is.

The Democrat Polk County Commissioners tried to force the UDO into Polk County when they, the Democrats, were in power.

The voters of the county overwhelmingly didn’t want the UDO. That is why the Republicans took back power on the Polk County Board of Commissioners in the last election.

Why are we worried about the UDO now?   The Polk County Republican Party and a vast majority of the voters in Polk county are scared that if the Democrats take back the majority of the Polk County board of commissioners, we will be getting the UDO back on the agenda.

Vote for Republican commissioner candidates below.

Teddy Owens

Keith Holbert

Shane Bradley

Some facts about the UDO

  1. Spent $74,168.00 on UDO that was never passed. – Polk County Finance Dept.
  2. Cannot log (clear cut) property before developing the property (building a home).  If you do so your development (building your home) can be denied for up to 5 years. – Article 2.8 of the U.D.O
  3. Technical  Review Panel (TPR) will be formed to review certain permits for development.  The members include someone form Social Services, Sheriff’s Department, Agricultural Economic Development Director and anyone else the County Manager appoints. – Article 4.2
  4. Severe restrictions on what is allowed in the Multiple Use Zoning District.  Automobile, Motorcycle and Truck repair and lubrication service along with Car Washes, Child Care Centers, Gas Stations, and Convenience Stores are conditional use which means hearings are required and review by TPR. – Article 8.5
  5. Regulates Solar Panels on your home. – Article 9.2
  6. Building Design requirements are implemented on all buildings except single family residential and Telecommunication facilities along certain roads. These include but are not limited to type of building materials, architectural aspects, color of the buildings, number of windows (including size and sill height), no unbroken walls longer than 35 feet, etc….  – Article 11
  7. Landscaping requirements on everything except single family individual lot development.  Includes what type of trees and shrubs are permitted and which are not.  – Article 14
  8. Severely limits single family home developments on slopes that rise 1 ft in elevation for every 4 feet in length (travel) or more.  – Article 24
  9. Spells out roofing and siding have to be fire retardant when homes fall under Article 24.  – Article 24
  10. Spells out what trees can be cut when a single family home falls under Article 24. – Article 24.
  11. Severely impacts private property rights – UDO



Kay Hagan’s Husband Used Stimulus Money To Hire His Own Company

Hagan’s Husband Used Stimulus Money To Hire His Own Company
By Don Carrington

RALEIGH — Green State Power was formed seven weeks before JDC Manufacturing — a company owned in part by Greensboro attorney Charles “Chip” Hagan III, Sen. Hagan’s husband — received a $250,644 stimulus grant that was used for the solar project Green State Power installed at a 300,000-square-foot facility in Reidsville, N.C. that JDC owns. Chip Hagan, son Tilden, and son-in-law Will Stewart are listed on a 2013 annual report as managers of Green State Power.