Six and One Half Million People Over 112 Year Old Getting Social Security

Thousands of workers over the age of 100 applied to verify their employment eligibility through the U.S. government in recent years.

It’s not a trend toward an older workforce, but a sign of identity fraud, according to federal auditors.

A recent watchdog review found that at least 6.5 million active Social Security numbers belong to people who are at least 112 years old and likely deceased.

But only 35 known living individuals worldwide had reached that age as of October 2013, according to the Gerontology Research Group.

The Social Security Administration’s inspector general said in a report on Monday that the questionable identification numbers put the government at risk of fraud and waste.

The review found that one individual opened bank accounts using Social Security numbers for individuals born in 1869 and 1893.

The official database of active Social Security numbers showed that both beneficiaries were alive, meaning they would be older than 145 and 121 years, respectively.

Auditors also discovered that nearly 67,000 Social Security numbers in recent years were used to report wages for people other than the cardholders. The workers reported about $3 billion in earnings between 2006 and 2011.

The report faulted the Social Security Administration for poorly managing data on “numberholders who exceeded maximum reasonable life expectancies and were likely deceased.”

Sens. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.)and Tom Carper (D-Del.), who head the Senate committee that oversees the Social Security Administration, said in a joint statement on Monday that the agency needs to clean up its files to prevent fraud.

The Republican Party Does Not Represent Us

The GOP didn’t hear you in November when you voted more of them into office in  the House and Senate! (Surprise?!) 

They have also forgotten their  promise to defund Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty when they voted for the CRomnibus bill this past December.  That promise to defund  is NOW. 

The establishment GOP RINOS (Republicans In Name Only) with Speaker Boehner’s blessing are now demonizing House Freedom Caucus members for their NO vote to fund Obama’s unconstitutional executive amnesty (that Obama admitted 22 times is unconstitutional!) This is outrageous!  

These brave representatives targeted by GOP leadership fight to stop Obama’s lawlessness and secure our borders from future terrorist attacks.  

Tuesday and Wednesday (today and tomorrow) a GOP pro amnesty group headed up by Boehner’s former chief of staff is spending $400,000 on ads to demonize those very Congressman who stood for constitutional principles and kept their word.  Congressmen Jim Jordon, Jim Birdenstein, Tim Huelskamp, and yes, Mark Meadows (and more) are the targets.  You can watch the spot attacking Tim Huelskamp here.  

 Since the inception of the Tea Party Movement in  2009, we have said that there is no difference between Ds and Rs – RINOs.  This is it – folks! They lie and deceive.  And until folks wake up and vote these phonies out, we will continue to put this nation in jeopardy with the erosion of Constitutional authority. 

Please understand:  all essential DHS employees will continue to go to work if the executive amnesty part of the DHS package is defunded.  That’s 300,000 of them. The security of the country is not in danger as they would have you believe.   15% of DHS employees (non-essential personnell)  will be on a  paid vacation. Don’t believe the ads and let Boehner know YOU KNOW.

This is what the GOP leadership has stooped to:  “AAN (American Action Network) has paid for two days of national radio advertisements that will run during conservative commentator Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh’s shows. The minute-long advertisements mentions ISIS three times and urges listeners to call their congressman and ask them to “protect America and fund homeland security.”

Read article here:

Call Speaker Boehner (202) 225-2012 and tell him to

  • keep the promise he made in December to defund Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty.
  • STOP the despicable ads against the Freedom Caucus.  It is costing the GOP voters and credibility.  

And then contact Rush and Hannity and ask them why they are allowing  the American Action Network (ANN)  to run ads against Constitutional Conservatives who bravely stood against Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty?  


 Call Rush Limbaugh 1 800 282 2882 @limbaugh  and Hannity 800 941 7326 @seanhannity.  Find them on Facebook.  


Tweet This To Them: .why R U allowing ANN ads against brave Constitutional Conservatives standing against Obama’s unconstit #DHS amnesty?@seanhannity@limbaugh


Call Congressman Mark Meadows (NC11) and say ‘Thank you’ for keeping his promise and standing for Constitutional authority. 202 225 6401


Read article: GOP Group Targets House Conservatives over DHS Fight –  Those Who Would Not Fund Obama’s Unconstitutional Ex Amnesty