No Refuge Resettlement – Period

I think that Polk County Commissioners should also put forth a resolution like the one Spartanburg passed last night. The well-being of each Polk County citizen is and should be the most important issue that elected officials pay attention to. I bet that the only ones who will complain will be liberals and socialist democrats!


First Class action by a Republican County Executive Committee.

From Michelle Wiles

Spartanburg GOP executive meeting tonight was very productive. We passed overwhelmly a resolution tonight to let Spartanburg County Council know that we their constituents, do not want refugee resettlement and that they need to make known publicly that we are a community that does not want this program to Nikki Haley, Trey Gowdy, Assistant Secretary of State Ann Richards and many more elected officials.

We are calling upon our County Council to make a stand and let it be known NO REFUGEE RESETTLEMENT PROGRAM.

Call or email all county council members and elected officials and tell them to stand up and say NO. We are the people, we elected them, and they need to remember this. This is a matter of safety, we are at risk!

This is not a GOP party only issue- this is an American issue.