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“Trio of Dirty Tricks” Shows Clear Favoritism for Burr

Larry Holmquist, a Republican U.S. Senate candidate challenging incumbent Richard Burr in the March, 2016 primary, is calling on the North Carolina Republican Party (NCGOP) to apologize to all Republicans in the state for a “trio of dirty tricks.” Holmquist says the tactics   are clearly designed to give Burr an unfair advantage in the primary.

“Dirty trick number one was making Burr a featured speaker at the NCGOP Hall of Fame Dinner on November 14th, while not even inviting me to attend,” Holmquist said.

“Dirty trick number two was a fundraising letter sent out recently by the NCGOP endorsing the re-election of Burr, even though I am challenging him in the primary,” he added.

And, Holmquist said, the “trifecta” was completed when it was discovered Burr’s Twitter feed was being openly promoted on the NCGOP website, while he was never offered similar help.

“All three of these actions very clearly violate party rules against showing favoritism in     primaries. More importantly, though, they fly in the face of fair play. Every Republican in North Carolina who believes in fair play within our party is owed a sincere apology by the staff at NCGOP who carried out or approved these dirty tricks.”

Holmquist added, “Mr. Burr’s campaign already has all the money and every advantage they could want in the primary. For the NCGOP to tilt the playing field even more in Burr’s direction is shameful, disgusting, and an insult to every Republican in North Carolina. And if the NCGOP is too stupid to understand that, they’ve got a real problem!”

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