The New Yorker Magazine Publishes Political Artile

This is how I see politicians in general.


This is absolutely brilliant. A surprising article from the New Yorker Magazine by Roy Kaplan . This magazine has always been left wing, so this article is even more amazing. Don’t pass it up. The author is the political correspondent for Bloomberg and wrote extensively about Obama even before he was nominated. Quoting from the article…
“”Who is Donald Trump?” The better question may be, “What is Donald Trump?”
“The answer? A giant middle finger from average Americans to the political and media establishment.

Some Trump supporters are like the 60s white girls who dated black guys> just to annoy their parents. But most Trump supporters have simply had it with the Demo-socialists and the “Republicans In Name Only.” They knew there wasn’t a dime’s worth of difference between Hillary Rodham and Jeb Bush, and only a few cents worth between Rodham and the other GOP candidates.

“Ben Carson was not an “establishment” candidate, but the Clinton machine would pulverize Carson ; and the somewhat rebellious Ted Cruz would (justifiably so) have been tied up with natural born citizen lawsuits (as might Marco Rubio). The Trump supporters figure they may as well have some fun tossing Molotov cocktails at Wall Street and Georgetown while they watch the nation collapse. Besides – lightning might strike, Trump might get elected, and he might actually fix a few things. Stranger things have happened (the nation elected an [islamo-]Marxist in 2008 and Bruce Jenner now wears designer dresses.)

Millions of conservatives are justifiably furious. They gave the Republicans control of the House in 2010 and control of the Senate in 2014, and have seen them govern no differently than Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Yet those same voters are supposed to trust the GOP in 2016? Why?

Trump did not come from out of nowhere. His candidacy was created by the last six years of Republican failures. “No reasonable person can believe that any of the establishment candidates [dems or reps] would have slashed federal spending, rein in the Federal Reserve, cut burdensome business regulations, reform the tax code, or
> eliminate useless federal departments (the Departments of Education, Housing and Urban Development, Energy, etc.). Even Ronald Reagan was unable to eliminate the Department of Education. (Of course, getting shot at tends to make a person less of a risk-taker.) No reasonable person can believe that any of the nation’s major problems will be solved by Rodham as she is simply the third verse of Obama’s waning swan song.

* Many Americans, and especially Trump supporters, have had it with:
* Anyone named Bush
* Anyone named Clinton
* Anyone who’s held political office
* Political correctness
* Illegal immigration
* Massive unemployment
* Or out of control federal spending
* Our National Debt that exceeds our GDP (Can you say Greece?)
* Phony “official” unemployment and inflation figures
* Welfare waste and fraud
* Money being spent on Illegal immigrants
* People faking disabilities to go on the dole
* VA waiting lists
* TSA airport groping
* ObamaCare
* The Federal Reserve’s money-printing schemes
* Wall Street crooks like Jon Corzine
* Michelle Obama’s vacations
* Michelle Obama’s food police
* Barack Obama’s golf
* Barack Obama’s arrogant and condescending lectures
* Barack Obama’s criticism/hatred of America
* Valerie Jarrett
* ” Holiday trees”
* Hollywood hypocrites
* Cop killers while Black Lives Matter
* Gun confiscation threats
* Stagnant wages
* Boys in girls’ bathrooms
* Whiny, spoiled college students who can’t even place the Civil War in the correct century … and that’s just the short list.

Trump supporters believe that no Democrat wants to address these issues, and that few Republicans have the courage to address these issues. They know that Trump is their way of saying, “Screw you, Hillary Rodham and all the Do Nothing Republicans!” The more the talking head political pundits insult the Trump supporters, the more supporters he gains. (The only pundits who seem to understand what is going on are Democrats Doug Schoen and Pat Caddell and Republican John LeBoutillier. “But America does not need a tune-up at the same old garage. It needs a new engine installed by experts – and Hillary Rodham is not a mechanic; she merely manages a garage her philandering husband abandoned. Trump is also not a mechanic, but he knows where to find the best ones to work in his garage. He won’t hire his brother-in-law or someone to whom he owes a favor; he will hire someone who lives and breathes cars. “How dare they revolt!” the “elites” are bellowing. Well, the citizens are daring to revolt, and the RINOs had better get used to it. “But Trump will hand the election to Clinton !” That is what the Karl Rove-types want people to believe, just as the leftist media eagerly shoved “Maverick” McCain down GOP throats in 2008 – knowing he would lose to Obama. But even if Trump loses and Rodham wins, she would be nothing more than acaretaker, not working to restore America ‘s greatness but merely presiding over the collapse of a massively in-debt nation. A nation can perhaps survive open borders; a nation can perhaps survive a generous welfare system. But no nation can survive both – and there is little evidence that Hillary Rodham understands that. The United States cannot forever continue on the path it is on. At some point it will be destroyed by its debt.

Yes, Trump speaks like a bull wandering through a china shop, but the truth is that the borders do need to be sealed; we cannot afford to feed, house, and clothe 200,000 Syrian immigrants for decades (even if we get inordinately lucky and none of them are ISIS infiltrators or Syed Farook wannabes); the world is at war with radical Islamists; and we cannot continue trying to spend our way out of debt.

Is Trump the perfect candidate? Of course not. Neither was Ronald Reagan. But unless we close our borders and restrict immigration, all the other issues are irrelevant. One terrorist blowing up a bridge or a tunnel could kill thousands. One jihadist poisoning a city’s water supply could kill tens of thousands. One electromagnetic pulse attack from a single Iranian nuclear device could kill tens of millions.

Faced with those possibilities, most Americans probably don’t care that Trump relied on eminent domain to grab up a final quarter acre of property for a hotel, or that he boils the blood of the Muslim Brotherhood thugs running the Council on American-Islamic Relations. While Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s greatest fear is someone giving a Muslim a dirty look, most Americans are more worried about being gunned down at a shopping mall by a crazed [islamic] lunatic who treats his prayer mat better than his three wives and who is fool enough to think that 72 virgins are waiting for him in paradise.

The establishment is frightened to death that Trump will win, but not because they believe he will harm the nation. They are afraid he will upset their taxpayer-subsidized apple carts. While Obama threatens to veto legislation that spends too little, they worry that Trump will veto legislation that spends too much. “You can be certain that if Hillary wins in November 2016, her cabinet positions will be filled with the same people we’ve seen before. The washed-up has-beens of the Clinton and Obama administrations will be back in charge. The hacks from Goldman Sachs will continue to call the shots.
And America will continue her continuing decline as other great democracies in history.

“If the establishment wins, America loses.
by Roy Kaplan

Questions That Should Be Asked Of Hillary At The Debates

Questions for the debate:

Moderator:   Good evening ladies and gentlemen.  Let’s start the first questions with you Mrs. Clinton.

When you were Secretary of State why did you let a Russian company purchase 1/2 of the United States Uranium reserves?

How much money was donated by Russian companies to your Foundation?

When you worked for the State Department, how did you conduct Secret Classified business without using a secure email server?

What kind of assault weapons were you funneling through Benghazi to ISIS in Syria before Ambassador Stevens was murdered?

Why were you interested in the over-throw of Assad in Syria?
When you left the White House after your husband’s last term as president, why did you steal $200,000.00 worth of furniture, China, and artwork that you were forced to return?
Mrs. Clinton, when you were Secretary of State, why did you  solicit contributions from foreign governments for the Clinton foundation after you promised President Obama you would not?

Mrs. Clinton, why do you and your husband claim to contribute millions of dollars to charity for a tax write off when it goes to your family foundation that gives out less than 15% of the funds

You collect and you use the balance to support yourself tax free?
Mrs. Clinton, why are you unable to account for 6 billion dollars of State department funds that seem to have disappeared while you were Secretary of State?

Mrs. Clinton, why did you say you were broke when you left the White House, but you purchased a 2 million home, built an addition for the secret service, and charged the tax payers of the United States rent in an amount equal to the entire mortgage?

And Mrs. Clinton, how is it that your daughter, Chelsea, can afford to buy a $10.5 million apartment in New York City shortly after you left the White House?
And speaking of Chelsea, how is it that her first paying job, in her late 20’s, was for more than the salary of the President of the United States?  Was there a quid pro quo of any sort involved??
Mrs. Clinton, why did you lie to the American people about the terrorist attack in Benghazi, but managed to tell the truth to your daughter the same night it happened?
Mrs. Clinton, why did you lose your law license?  Why did your husband lose his?

Mrs. Clinton, what Really happened to Ron Brown when he was about to testify against you and your husband?


Take your time to respond Mrs. Clinton…


Here Is The Projected Result of a “No Vote”

 This should really be the wake-up call for all of you “Undecided Voters”
Six scary little words for all voters, especially those who may have supported losing candidates in the Democratic and Republican primaries, and those who now threaten to sit out the November election because they don’t like Donald Trump:
Supreme Court Justice Barack Hussein Obama. 
The choice in November is clear – it will be either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton!
A no-vote of any kind is the same as a vote for Hillary Clinton.
If Hillary Clinton, who is arguably the most dishonest and corrupt person ever to run for the Presidency of the United States, wins, there is little doubt for several very good reasons that as president Hillary Clinton will name Barack Hussein Obama to fill the Supreme Court vacancy. He has covered her back in the email server scandals, has prevented her indictment by the U.S. Justice Department, and he will now expect political payback. The Clintons are renowned as masters on both sides of the political favors game, and are widely recognized worldwide for their blatant and frequent favors exchanges, usually involving large sums of money.  No other politician in recent times can even hold a candle.. 
Obama claims credentials as a Constitutional lawyer.  He makes little effort to conceal his disdain for our founding document. He and Michelle are buying a mansion in Washington D.C., and have made no secret of their desire to stay there, but far more importantly:
Barack Obama could easily complete his “fundamental transformation” of our Republic if handed a lifetime appointment to the United States Supreme Court.
If that’s not enough to scare anyone into carefully considering and reconsidering their vote, NOTHING WILL.
Even if you dislike Donald Trump, even if you disagree with much what he says, grit your teeth and vote for him. 
The alternative in simply too devastating for America to the point of being almost unimaginable …

Fiscal Report Card on Governors

White Paper

Fiscal Policy Report Card on America’s Governors 2016


State governments have been in an expansionary phase in recent years. Even though U.S. economic growth since the last recession has been sluggish, general fund revenues of state governments have grown 33 percent since 2010. Some of the nation’s governors have used the growing revenues to expand spending programs, while others have pursued tax cuts and tax reforms.

That is the backdrop to this year’s 13th biennial fiscal report card on the governors, which examines state budget actions since 2014. It uses statistical data to grade the governors on their taxing and spending records—governors who have cut taxes and spending the most receive the highest grades, while those who have increased taxes and spending the most receive the lowest grades.

Five governors were awarded an “A” on this report: Paul LePage of Maine, Pat McCrory of North Carolina, Rick Scott of Florida, Doug Ducey of Arizona, and Mike Pence of Indiana. Ten governors were awarded an “F”: Robert Bentley of Alabama, Peter Shumlin of Vermont, Jerry Brown of California, David Ige of Hawaii, Dan Malloy of Connecticut, Dennis Daugaard of South Dakota, Brian Sandoval of Nevada, Kate Brown of Oregon, Jay Inslee of Washington, and Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania.

With the growing revenues of recent years, most states have balanced their short-term budgets without major problems, but many states face large challenges ahead. Medicaid costs are rising, and federal aid for this huge health program will likely be reduced in coming years. At the same time, many states have high levels of unfunded liabilities in their pension and retiree health plans. Those factors will create pressure for states to raise taxes. Yet global economic competition demands that states improve their investment climates by cutting tax rates, particularly on businesses, entrepreneurs, and skilled workers.

This report discusses fiscal policy trends and examines the tax and spending actions of each governor in detail. The hope is that the report encourages more state policymakers to follow the fiscal approaches of the top-scoring governors.

Read the Full White Paper